Francesca Giordanino

With a brilliant violin career at her back, Francesca Giordanino is making her debut as a singer in Rome. She will be performing on several significant occasions, notably L’Estate Musicale di Formello, a series of concerts organised by the prestigious Romanian Musical Academy, and the Ciampino Jazz Festival.
Her cooperation with Maestro Andrea Morricone has been fundamental for her career. Maestro Morricone , winner of the BAFTA Prize as author of the “Nuovo Cinema paradiso” Soundtrack, is also son of the famous Italian composer. After the listening to her sing, the Maestro wrote two songs for Francesca Giordanino, titled “Dreams” and “I Promise”, which she recorded under the Maestro’s guidance at the House Recording Studios in Roma. The recording was accompanied by the Roman Symphony Orchestra, which is famous for collaborating innumerable times in the past decade with Maestro Ennio Morricone as well as with other various artists such as Nicola Piovani, Louis Bacalov, Andrea Bocelli, Ritz Ortolani. 
Together with Marco De Masi, Francesca Giordanino is the creator and sponsor of CroXsound.

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