CroXsound is formed from the lucky meeting of five Genoese musicians, native and adopted. Strongly desired by Francesca Giordanino and Marco De Masi, the creators of the group, CroXsound is distinguished by its expressive sophistication, an unmistakable stylistic imprint and a soft and captivating sound capable, however, of being impetuous and scratchy at the right moments.  
Thanks to the refined elegance of the strings, to the crystalline voice of the vocalist and the skilful arrangements of maestro Stefano Cabrera, created ad hoc  to make the most of the ensemble’s many possibilities, CroXsound is able to offer their public a wide and diversified repertoire, crossing whichever genre through the continuous fusion of different styles experimented with in each piece.
The sound and visual appeal that permeates the entire performance envelops and involves the viewer, transporting him into a hypnotic atmosphere which is what makes CroXsound unique on the Italian musical scene. They are:

Francesca Giordanino: Vocalist

Federico Mazzucco: Violin

Riccardo Memore: Viola

Marco DMasi: Cello

Alessandro Paolini: Double Bass